Millie & Honey – The Blue Angel Planet

by J. D. Means

About The Book

Where would you go if you had a machine that would take you anyplace you wanted — instantly?

A Rescue and a Near Death Experience is not what you would expect to find on a nearly perfect world like the beautiful Blue Angel Planet.

This is a fast paced adventure that has it all.

Millie and Honey begin with a nightmare and rush to unravel the mystery that surrounds the dream they share, only to find that sometimes the real thing is more bizarre than the dream.

Hold on to your seats as this knuckle biting adventure twists and turns, with lots of unexpected outcomes. More questions are asked than get answered in this volume. Maybe it will all come together in the next.

Get Up To Speed

In this volume of the ‘Millie & Honey’ series, Millie and Honey share a dream and race to the Blue Angel Planet via the traveling machine.

Once they arrive, they discover the wonders of this amazing planet while trying to unravel the mystery of their disturbing dream. Expecting to have one mission, they find that one leads to another, even more exciting adventure.

The Hook

“Remember Appleopolis?” Honey thought. “Rags helped us to tune into the feelings and thoughts of the life forms on that planet. It was easy there as the planet amplified the thoughts of everything on it.”

“Since then he has taught us at home, how to develop the power and strengthen our ability to sense the awareness of intelligent life forms,” Millie thought. “All we have to do is let go and drift. Let our thoughts reach out and accept the sensations that are being delivered.”

“We have tried that,” Joseph thought, “but our powers are limited and we can only feel those that are in close proximity to us. If you can reach out further, then maybe you can help direct us to the cause of these feelings.”

“I am getting a stronger image of the source of the loneliness,” Millie thought.

“It is a dog!” Honey declared. “He has a strong awareness of self and he knows that he is an intelligent being. He knows that he is lost and alone. He is sending out his thoughts like a beacon.”

“YES!” Noah shouted triumphantly in their minds. “I see him! He is north of here, near the golden lake.”

Their tethers pulled tight as the angels veered toward the north and they increased their speed. The wind rushed by, blowing briskly over their faces as they flew rapidly toward the anguished cry for help. They could feel the awareness of the dog grow stronger as they neared. Their sorrow and sadness pressed harder against them like the sound of a speaker gets louder as you draw closer, till nothing exists except the numbing sensation.

“Over there!” Millie shouted. “I see him. He is in that little clearing on the left.”

Honey looked over and saw the dog sitting in center of a small clearing, his head up, looking into the surrounding mountains. She saw him stand up and wag his tail happily as he observed them approaching.

Landing lightly beside the yellow Cocker Spaniel, they quickly unfastened the harnesses and ran over to the dog. Millie dropped to one knee and hugged him tightly. “There, there,” she said softly. “We are here now. You are not alone anymore.”

He wiggled close to Millie and licked her face frantically as she held him and talked quietly. “What is your name sweetie?” she asked after a few minutes.

“How did you get here, so far from anywhere?”

“Archie,” he stated. “My name is Archie. I came here with my family a few days ago. I knew that something was wrong before we arrived, as they were sad, and looked at me like they were going to cry. I could sense they were anxious about this trip, yet sad at the same time.”

“They talked openly about moving in the last few weeks, but sometimes they would put me in my room when they began to talk about their new home.” He hung his head as he continued quietly, “But my hearing is good and I overheard everything they said.”

He began to shake uncontrollably with the sadness that filled him. Millie held him tightly and stroked his back. He continued his story, “They did not have room for me at their new home and they did not know what to do with me. Eventually they decided to come here and leave me. I was stunned by what they were planning. I gave them all my love. They were everything to me, my world, and my reason to live. I would have gladly given my life to save any of them.”

He began to cry. Lying down, his body grew limp, except for the agonizing sobs as the grief washed over him in waves. Everyone felt the overwhelming pain of heartache, which emanated from him in a flood of emotion. Millie held him closely and rocked him back and forth as she talked to him.

“You know what,” she whispered softly, “you have a new home now, where you will be loved and treated as part of the family. Would you like to come live with me and Honey? It will be your ‘Forever Home where you can enjoy your life and we will never abandon you. Would you like that?”

Archie began to relax as she talked and leaned into her as she held him. “You would love me? You wouldn’t get tired of me and give me away or send me to live with someone else?”

“Never, ever,” she said as she looked intently into his eyes. “We have two dogs and four puppies, and we love each and every one of them, with all our hearts. You will have me as your sister, and you will have a mommy and a daddy. We will take care of you and feed you. You will be part of our pack.” She held his head in her hands and she stared deeply into his eyes. She concentrated hard on sending her love to him. “I love you little one and I will always be there for you. Always and forever.”

She heard Honey sending her love to him also. “You will love playing with my children,” she thought and sent him pleasant thoughts of her puppies playing in the yard around the house.

“That would be great,” he said, “I think I would like Salazar, Jasmine, Burt, and Blinky, and Rags even sounds like a likable fellow.”

Millie brought her head up quickly and looked at Honey, then to Joseph and Noah in surprise. “He heard us!” she thought, stunned.

“Of course I heard you,” Archie thought back suddenly. “Like I said before, I have good hearing.”

“You do know that we are not talking out loud, don’t you?” asked Honey. “We are thinking these thoughts in our mind.”

“What is the difference?” Archie spoke out loud, questioningly. “Doesn’t everyone talk with their mind as much as with their mouth? Doesn’t their body language also add to the communication people have with each other?”

Millie and Honey laughed at Archie as Joseph and Noah smiled brightly. Millie grabbed Archie and hugged him tightly. “No, my dear silly, loveable Archie,” she said in a musical loving voice, “they most assuredly do not.”

She rubbed his face as she held his head between her hands gazing intently into his beautiful deep brown eyes. “It took Honey and me a long time to figure out how to open that door to communication. We first learned of it on Appleopolis. Since then, we have been working with Rags, to improve our sensitivity.”

“Your ability to transmit your thoughts is incredibly strong,” thought Noah. “Usually the Blue Angels can only hear thoughts for a limited range. But not only did we hear you miles away, but your thoughts carried all the way to Earth, millions of light-years away.”

“You mean I am special?” Archie wondered as he looked around nervously.

“You are one in a million, my dear friend,” thought Honey. “What is the matter? You seem anxious.”

“Well, for a while, I have been sensing several people nearby. They are afraid and I can smell their fear.” Archie turned his face up and sniffed the air, turning his head one way then another. “They are that way, about two miles from here.”

Everyone turned toward the direction that he indicated and peered into the forest.

Everyone stood frozen! They were so intent on finding Archie that they did not sense the other subtle impressions until now. Opening themselves and expanding their attention, they realized that there was another heavy feeling of despair and helplessness. Millie and Honey detected the fear intensely, but the Blue Angels only felt a discomfort. They had previously ignored the emotions as an echo of the strong vibrations that Archie emitted before they arrived.

Now the vibrations hummed inside their heads and they looked about, trying to orient themselves to the direction of the fear that enveloped them. They tried to discern which way to go, but Archie stood and walked toward the direction that he had shown them.

They are over there,” he said, as he ran off toward the south. He stopped to sniff the air a few times along the way, to make sure that he was headed in the right direction, and to let everyone catch up. When he heard them getting close and had a good scent, he took off again.

The closer they came to whatever it was that emitted the fear, the harsher the feelings grew, until their nerves were raw from the panic. The distress began to clarify into separate individuals that shared the same terror. It was a family, they began to realize, and one of them was in terrible danger.

A thundering noise began rising in pitch with every footstep they took. It was a foreign sound, like a thousand jackhammers pounding the ground. It was a drumming sound that shook the ground under their feet. They did not recognize the sound, but it was vaguely familiar.

They ran as fast as they could toward the feeling of distress that seemed to be closing in on them. They could almost see a picture of what the threat was, but they were unprepared for what they saw, when they broke out of the forest.

Millie remembered the dream that brought them rushing to the Blue Angel Planet. She remembered the falls as she and Honey flew close, suspended from the angels in the harnesses. “The Dream! Honey, these falls were in our dream.” The thoughts tumbled out in her mind as they witnessed the scene before them.

“The Blue Falls,” whispered Noah, yet in his mind, he screamed. “If someone fell over that,” he thought, “they are surely dead. It is a drop of over 2000 feet, straight down.”

Everyone heard the scream in Noah’s mind and saw the water surging unendingly over the edge of the cliff. The pounding in their feet told them that the water fell a long way before battering against the rocks far below. They stopped, mesmerized by the scene before them.

A young girl about 6 or 7 years old with long golden blonde hair was clinging desperately to the wheelchair she was in, with one hand as it hung perilously balanced on the edge of the cliff. The ground below her chair had shifted and she dangled over the edge at a dangerous angle. Her legs dangled almost into the water as she tried frantically to stay in the wheelchair.

Her other hand clung to a long branch that was held by a young man who laid on the ground, to keep from sliding, while gripping the other end of the branch in both hands. A young woman sat down and held one of his legs, while two girls about Millie’s age pulled on his other leg, to keep him from sliding over the edge.

It was obvious to everyone in that split second as they stood there motionless, what had happened. Brodie had rolled her wheelchair close to the rim of the waterfall to look over into the valley below. The ground below her chair was soft from the water spray and the earth underneath that area of grass had been worn away from years of water slapping against it.

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When she maneuvered her wheelchair near the brink of the waterfall, the ground gave way. It sank slowly toward the brink of the great falls. He father just had enough time to grab a nearby branch and hold it close enough for her to take hold with one hand.

His feet slipping on the muddy grass, he laid down to keep from being pulled onto the sagging clump of earth that was slowly slipping down over the edge, where it would soon plummet to the valley far below.

Despite his best efforts to pull his daughter to safety, gravity and the weight of Brodie and the wheelchair were pulling them both over slowly. As he slid across the ground, Brodie’s mother and her two sisters grabbed her father’s legs in an effort to hold them and stop their slow slide toward the endless drop.

“DADDY!” the girl screamed in terror.

“Hold tight, Brodie,” he yelled back. “It will be okay.” But everyone could tell that they had held onto the branch for a long time and he and Brodie were both showing signs of exhaustion.

The ground around everyone looked wet and there were signs that they had all slipped several feet toward the lip of the sheer drop, where Brodie dangled over the edge of the abyss.

Suddenly, a blur of yellow fur bound past the group, who stood staring, hypnotized at the boarder of the forest. Running at top speed, he leapt over Brodie’s mother, father and two sisters and grabbed the branch, just past her father’s hands, and pulled.

Nothing seemed to happen. Archie tugged again. Nothing. Again and again, he yanked at the branch with all his strength, throwing his weight into each pull. He jerked harder and faster with each attack, as he dug in his paws.

Finally, the wheelchair moved. It righted itself and began, ever so slightly, to crawl slowly back to the solid ground. Everyone pulled with renewed strength. Millie, Honey, and the two Blue Angels rushed forward, coming out of the astonishment that froze them when they first stepped out of the woods and saw the situation before them.

They grabbed onto the father’s legs, while standing on firm ground and pulled hard, raising him off the ground. His grip on the branch held fast and together, they pulled the wheelchair and Brodie closer to safety.

The chair’s wheels rocked on the rim of the crack, where the large tuft of land broke free. Everyone tugged in unison. Each tug brought the wheels nearer to safe ground, but as they leaned forward for another jerk, the chair rolled that fraction of an inch back over on to the slipping earth that seemed to be closer to breaking loose and freefalling into the depths below.

“One more pull!” Millie screamed in her head and out loud. “One more hard pull and she will be safe!”

Everyone reached forward, slowly letting Brodie’s father lower towards the ground. Everyone gripped with all their strength and tensed for a tremendous tug, when the earth below the wheelchair shifted, tilting sharply toward the valley floor. Interrupting the rhythm of the coordinated pull, the team hesitated for just a few milliseconds allowing the chair’s wheels to roll forward a half inch, as the ground began sliding, before the branch tensed.

Instinctively, they all yanked backward as one, but it was in vain. When the branch went tight as the wheelchair slid forward, the branch had snapped and everyone fell to the ground.

Brodie’s father fell two feet onto the mushy ground still clutching the branch which ended in a jagged edge, a foot from the other end that Brodie held.

Millie, Honey and the two Blue Angels fell into a sitting position, when the branch severed, inches from Brodie’s hand, and every eye watched helplessly as Brodie and the chair rolled rapidly to the brink of the quickly sliding piece of ground that was nearly to the point of breaking free and falling, holding now by only a few tufts of grass.

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