1964 by James Farner ebook deal


by James Farner

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Richard Warren, aged ten, is growing up in the North Yorkshire village of Ledder Bridge. Through verdant fields and meandering brooks, life is simple and easy, far from the turmoil of the Cold War world. When an adventure with his older brother Peter Warren goes wrong and Richard finds himself trapped in the dark depths of an abandoned quarry, it kick-starts a chain of events that brings him into contact with work, family conflict, and the dreaded English class system. Will Richard be able to persevere and become wise well beyond his tender years?

Part of the Made in Yorkshire saga:

1964 (Made in Yorkshire Book 1)

1969 (Made in Yorkshire Book 2)

1972 (Made in Yorkshire Book 3)

1973 (Made in Yorkshire Book 4)



Saved By You by Helen Conrad ebook deal

Saved By You

by Helen Conrad

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Image is everything~but not the only thing

Kane Carrington has always heard that you can’t go home again-but he can’t resist a call for help from the girl he secretly loved in high school. He goes back to his Hawaiian home, only to find he’s still the “bad boy” to her golden girl image. But now he’s a man, not a boy and Annie Ventura can’t resist him. But does he have to destroy her memories of her dead husband in order to seal the deal?

Contain love scenes.

The books of this series are loosely connected. Each can stand alone.


Emotions were usually pretty deep with him. He didn’t like to let them get too near the surface. But for just a moment, he’d stopped and turned slowly, taking it all in, remembering a past that could never be again, missing it, missing home and actually feeling a slight stinging in his eyes.

And that was when she got him.

“Okay, you bastard, hold it right there. Don’t make a move.”

At the same moment the voice hit him, both barrels of a shotgun were jammed very hard and very painfully into the small of his back, and he groaned in disbelief. He hadn’t even heard her coming up behind him. He shook his head. He was losing it.

“I’d like to blast a hole right through you. How would you like that, you slime ball?”

“Hey, hold on just a minute…”

The barrel jabbed him. “Don’t try to talk, dirt bag. Just start walking. I’m going to walk you right off my land, and then I’m going to call the cops. And the next time you come slinking around I’m going to blow your brains out. You got that?” She jabbed him again to get him going toward the road. “And you can tell Bart Carlson I’ll do the same for any other of his pathetic flunkies that he sends over here to screw up my life.”

It took only one quick twist and a little leverage, and he had her on the ground, his big body holding hers down, the shotgun wrenched from her grasp and sent spinning in the dust.

But that didn’t mean she gave up. Not by any means. She fought like a wildcat, spitting and scratching at him with fury. It took both his hands to hold down hers, and the full length of his body to hold her captive.

“Cut it out, Annie,” he growled at her, annoyed that she wasn’t giving up even once she’d realized his superior strength. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

The sound of her name was what seemed to still her for a moment. She stared up at him and he stared down at her, wondering if she had any idea that they had known each other before.

She’d changed. But her hair was still blond, still a mass of shimmering tangles that seemed to go on forever. Her body was still slim and lithe, but there was a strength to her he wouldn’t have thought she would ever possess. She was still squirming beneath him, but it was beginning to feel good. He glanced at her cotton blouse, all askew and revealing the sof



The Gatekeeper's Sons by Eva Pohler ebook deal

The Gatekeeper’s Sons

by Eva Pohler

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Fifteen-year-old Therese watches her parents die. While in a coma, she meets the twin sons of Hades—Hypnos (the god of sleep) and Thanatos (the god of death). She thinks she’s manipulating a dream, not kissing the god of death and totally rocking his world.

Than makes a deal with Hades and goes as a mortal to the Upperworld to try and win Therese’s heart, but not all the gods are happy. Some give her gifts. Others try to kill her.

The deal requires Therese to avenge the death of her parents. With the help of Than’s fierce and exotic sisters, the Furies, she finds herself in an arena face to face with the murderer, and only one will survive.



The Lens And The Looker by Lory S. Kaufman ebook deal

The Lens And The Looker

by Lory S. Kaufman

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BOOK #1 of The Verona Trilogy:

Young Adult, Post-Dystopian Fiction

It’s the 24th century and humans, with the help of artificial intelligences (A.I.s), have finally created the perfect post-dystopian society. To make equally perfect citizens for this world, the elders have created History Camps, full sized recreations of cities from Earth’s distant pasts. Here teens live the way their ancestors did, doing the same dirty jobs and experiencing the same degradations. History Camps teach youths not to repeat the mistakes that almost caused the planet to die. But not everything goes to plan.

In this first of a trilogy, we meet three spoiled teens in the year 2347. Hansum almost 17, is good looking and athletic. Shamira, 15, is sassy, independent and an artistic genius. Lincoln, 14, is the smart-aleck. But you don’t have to scratch too far beneath the surface to find his insecurities.

These three “hard cases” refuse the valuable lessons History Camps teach. But when they are kidnapped and taken back in time to 1347 Verona, Italy, they only have two choices; adapt to the harsh medieval ways or die. The dangers are many, their enemies are powerful, and safety is a long way away. It’s hardly the ideal environment to fall in love – but that’s exactly what happens. In an attempt to survive, the trio risks introducing technology from the future. It could save them – or it could change history.

Series Overview:

The Lens and the Looker is the first book of The Verona Trilogy. It’s followed by The Bronze and the Brimstone and The Loved and the Lost.

The series takes readers along on the life-changing journey of three 24th century teens. While the three protagonists appear quite immature in the first half of The Lens and the Looker, this is not a series aimed exclusively at young teens. Lory Kaufman says he writes for readers 13 to 113, (and precocious 12-year-olds) This is borne out by the fact that about half the readership of the series is adult.

What many readers say they love about this series is its wonderful mix of science fiction (the future) and historical fiction (the past). While there’s time travel, there are also sword fights, and while there are detailed descriptions of ancient technologies, the story also includes many colorful characters who just happen to be artificial intelligences. There’s allusions to a Romeo and Juliet love story and also characters who have murderous intentions toward the lovers. And the setting? Many readers are praising the accurately described historical setting of 14th century Verona Italy, where much of the story takes place.



Dark That Day, After All by Jason McIntyre ebook deal

Dark That Day, After All

by Jason McIntyre

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Excerpted from the anthology NIGHTS GONE BY — by #1 Kindle Suspense author Jason McIntyre comes a tale of two old souls connecting under darkening skies.

On this day, as they peer into the heavens together, elderly Jarvis Schloss unburdens his soul to another park dweller as they sit on his favorite park bench. In the tradition of Rod Serling, this eerie tale begins as the two each reflect on the primes of their lives and uncover something even darker than the sky overhead. DARK THAT DAY, AFTER ALL explores our relationship with others, our duty to them, and whether we can expect to trade someone else’s good fortune for our own.



The Thirty-nine Steps by John Buchan ebook deal

The Thirty-nine Steps

by John Buchan

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The novel of international intrigue and adventure that set the standard for the modern spy thriller
One May evening in 1914, an ordinary Londoner named Richard Hannay receives word of an anarchist plot to assassinate the prime minister of Greece. A few nights later, the eccentric American who revealed the conspiracy is found stabbed to death in Hannay’s flat. With only the dead man’s encrypted notes to guide him, Hannay must try to foil the assassination attempt while outpacing both the police and the conspirators, whose dastardly plans extend far beyond one Greek politician. The fate of England, it seems, rests on one mysterious phrase repeated throughout the American’s notebook; just what exactly are the thirty-nine steps?
Buchan’s groundbreaking novel, the first in a series featuring Richard Hannay, was adapted by Alfred Hitchcock and paved the way for Graham Greene, Robert Ludlum, John le Carré, and many other masters of literary espionage. Lightning-paced, relentlessly clever, and politically insightful, The Thirty-Nine Steps is just as thrilling today as when it was first published a century ago.
This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.



Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn ebook deal

Open Minds

by Susan Kaye Quinn

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When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.

Sixteen-year-old Kira Moore is a zero, someone who can’t read thoughts or be read by others. Zeros are outcasts who can’t be trusted, leaving her no chance with Raf, a regular mindreader and the best friend she secretly loves. When she accidentally controls Raf’s mind and nearly kills him, Kira tries to hide her frightening new ability from her family and an increasingly suspicious Raf. But lies tangle around her, and she’s dragged deep into a hidden underworld of mindjackers, where having to mind control everyone she loves is just the beginning of the deadly choices before her.

TOP 5 FINALIST for 2012 Best Indie Book, Young Adult Fiction – The Kindle Book Review

Open Minds is the first novel in the Mindjack Saga, a young adult science fiction series. There are three novels in the original trilogy, five novellas that accompany the series, and plans for another trilogy in the works (see Susan’s latest novella, The Locksmith, for a peek at a new Mindjack character for the coming trilogy – or better yet, subscribe to her newsletter, and get The Locksmith for free!).

Original Trilogy – Open Minds, Closed Hearts, Free Souls
The Mindjack Origins novellas – Mind Games, The Handler, The Scribe, Keeper

The Locksmith is a standalone novella that can be read independently of the trilogy and novellas.



Keys Of Life: Uriel's Justice by Carolyn Schield ebook deal

Keys Of Life: Uriel’s Justice

by Carolyn Schield

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Long ago, a violent war erupted between the Children of the Nephilim, who had once taken Eve’s daughters as wives, and the Pure of Heart. The Nephilim’s thirst for revenge rages through history as they slowly infiltrate global corporations, secret societies and international politics. The goal: is total domination.

Cordy McDermott isn’t your typical veterinarian – unless your veterinarian also happens to have a black belt in karate. After rescuing an Egyptian princess from being sold as a sex slave, Cordy finds herself in the crosshairs of death, tangled in a harrowing battle dating to Biblical times.

Across the world, a young, brawny archeologist stumbles upon an ancient relic at the Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel after a mysterious dream. On the run, Ash and Cordy team up in a thrilling race against time to keep balance from falling in favor of an enemy bent on vengeance and absolute control.



A Little Book About You by Scott Gordon ebook deal

A Little Book About You

by Scott Gordon

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Take a few moments and read this heart-warming picture book to your child. Featuring over 30 pages of colorful, computer-generated art, there’s plenty to keep them interested in addition to the awesome message inside.

There’s no better way to tell them that you love them!

Descriptions of my other popular children’s books are included after the main feature (an additional 5 pages).

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Emerge by Hall S.E. ebook deal


by Hall S.E.

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“You never have to be without me, Laney, never.”

He lied…my everything I ever knew, trusted, wanted…I am, in fact, without him.

On my own and out of my shell, I learn new things about life, friendship and…myself.

Like what you’ve always known may not be what you’ve always wanted.

Dane Kendrick awakened things within me that I never knew existed, unraveling and uncovering the real Laney Jo Walker.

I’m a NEW adult…so is my story.



The Blasphemer: The Complete Novel - by John Ling ebook deal

The Blasphemer: The Complete Novel –

by John Ling

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When Abraham Khan releases an e-book condemning radical Islam, the consequences hit him fast and hard — an armed fanatic smashes into his home one evening, trying to kill him. He survives the harrowing attempt. Just barely. But will he survive the next one?

Maya Raines is the security operator brought in to protect Abraham. She is tough and committed. The very best at what she does. Always one step ahead of the threat.

But Abraham is no ordinary principal — he will not hide, and he will not stay silent. And as rage explodes on the streets and the nation is propelled to the brink, Maya will have to ask herself the hardest question of all: how far would you go to protect one man’s right to speak?


A fair and balanced account of what’s really happening in the Islamic world today.

–Crime Watch

An engaging thriller that investigates the psychology of fanaticism.

–San Francisco Book Review

Thought-provoking themes. Exciting action.

–The Sun

The surveillance techniques and intelligence analysis bring it to life.

–The Star

Fast-paced faction; where fact and fiction collide.

–The Malaysian Insider

A powerful new voice in adventure stories.

–Pendulum Press

A cracking thriller.

–The TBR Pile

Realistic and tightly drawn.

–Aust Crime Fiction

Has the pacing of an action movie.

–The Kindle Book Review

An intriguing touch. Recommended.

–Midwest Book Review

I read it in one sitting. Couldn’t put it down.

–Beattie’s Book Blog

Fight scenes that play out through the pages like a ballet of words.

–Write Today

A must for lovers of the action tale.

–Boogle Books

Fast-paced, high-calibre writing. Heartily recommended.

–Lighthouse Media One


Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, David Baldacci, Lee Child, Daniel Silva, Brad Taylor, Barry Eisler, Mark Greaney, Ben Coes, Marc Cameron, Russell Blake, L.T. Ryan, Steven Konkoly, Murray McDonald, Andrew Peterson, Trevor Scott, Mark Dawson


– Spy Novels

– CIA novels

– Terrorism Novels

– Technothrillers

– Technothriller Books

– Technothriller Novels

– Pulp Thrillers

– Political Thrillers

– Political Thrillers Series

– Vigilante Series

– Best Psychological Thrillers

– Mystery Seri



Greek Mythology: A Guide To Ancient Greece And Greek Mythology Including Titans, Hercules, Greek Gods, Zeus, And More! by Adrian Baros ebook deal

Greek Mythology: A Guide To Ancient Greece And Greek Mythology Including Titans, Hercules, Greek Gods, Zeus, And More!

by Adrian Baros

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Greek Mythology

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Stories from Ancient Greece have been passed down for thousands of centuries, and have been the inspiration for many books, movies, and television shows that we enjoy today.

This book will take you back to Ancient Greece, and educate you about some of the greatest Greek mythology figures, including Gods, Demi-Gods, monsters, and more!

You will learn about the different eras in Ancient Greece, such as the Bronze age, Dark age, and Hellenistic era!

This book also includes some of the best Greek mythology tales, including that of Hercules, Zeus, the Titans, Hera, Poseidon, Perseus, and more!

Download today and begin expanding your knowledge of Ancient Greece and Greek mythology!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn About…

  • Eras of Ancient Greece
  • The Olympians
  • The Titans
  • Monsters and other Creatures
  • Heroes and Villains of Greek Mythology
  • Bloodlines of the Greek Gods
  • Popular Greek Mythology Tales
  • Much, much more!

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