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(FREE on 2/18) The Love Sanctuary by Kate Goldman -
The Love Sanctuary- NEW TITLE

by Kate Goldman

New Description

(FREE on 2/18) Dead In The Hamptons: A New York Mystery;  Bruce Kohler #3 by Elizabeth Zelvin -
Dead In The Hamptons: A New York Mystery; Bruce Kohler #3

by Elizabeth Zelvin

The THIRD Book In The Bruce Kohler Series, formerly titled DEATH WILL EXTEND YOUR VACATION

“A perfect vacation book! Full of heart, full of humor—this honest and believable mystery put its straight-talking characters into a page-turner of a plot. Suspense plus insight plus compassion—equals a great read!” -Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Winner

“The Hamptons plus a juicy murder, with the added twist of addiction and recovery—what more could the intelligent reader want?” –Carolyn Hart, Malice Domestic Lifetime Achievement Honoree


A clean and sober group house might not be everyone’s idea of a dream vacation in the Hamptons, but the aptly named Deadhampton seems just about perfect for recovering alcoholic Bruce Kohler, his main man Jimmy, and BFF Barbara the World-Class co-dependent. (Meaning she simply cannot mind her own business.)

Even the neighbors seem kindred spirits. Down the road’s a big house in the dunes owned by a clean and sober playboy with a motley crew of house guests in recovery from drug, love, and sex addictions, compulsive overeating, bulimia, and anorexia, not to mention good old-fashioned alcoholism.


All goes swimmingly, so to speak, until Deadhampton lives up to its name in more ways than one way when the tide washes in the body of Clea, the trio’s beautiful housemate . “Murder?” say the cops. ” Piffle! You people are seeing pink elephants.”

But Clea was an investigative journalist whose passions included environmental issues and men—lots of men. Our intrepid three aren’t about to let this one go. So who needs the old addictions? Secrets, lies, and danger are the new sex, booze, and drugs!

“Interesting characters, a complex mystery with twists and turns, and a summer on the beach to remember … Another solidly good one from the talented Elizabeth Zelvin.” -Kevin Tipple on Kevin’s Corner

“Zelvin brings [her characters] to life. A good plot, and action to keep readers glued to the pages. Good reading for the summer or anytime.” -Mysterical-E

“Zelvin has mastered the male voice in a series that doesn’t shy away from serious interpersonal issues. She has a natural ear for efficiently melodic prose.” -Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

“The relationships between the three friends are as complex as they are fascinating. A credible and extremely interesting glimpse into the lives of the addicted.” -Cindy Chow on DorothyL


Jimmy and I set up the chairs, dug in the pole of the umbrella, and flapped the blanket. Barbara went and paddled in the water. Cheerful screams announced the temperature: too cold for me. She splashed around till we’d done all the work. Then she trotted back to us.

“Give me another bagel,” Barbara sa

(FREE on 2/18) Primal Inception by Jack Silkstone -
Primal Inception

by Jack Silkstone

PRIMAL Inception is a prequel in the PRIMAL series. It reveals the back-story of former CIA paramilitary operatives Ice and Vance.

Kosovo, 1999. CIA operatives, Ice and Vance, are supporting a crack unit of Albanian rebels. War criminals by any standards, these brutal fighters are unlikely allies in a vicious ethnic conflict.

Two years on and the war has devastated Kosovo. NATO peacekeepers try to bring order to a region ruled by Albanian mafia, corrupt government officials, and apathetic UN bureaucrats.

Ice, scarred by genocide, is running a side project investigating war crimes. When Vance returns from a posting to Africa, they are faced with a stark choice. Abide by the façade of stability or, with the help of the SAS, fight a rogue battle against war criminals hungry for power.

For a limited period of time this version of PRIMAL Inception includes the PRIMAL Compendium as a bonus! This compilation of information about PRIMAL outlines the fictional background and concept of operations for PRIMAL.

(FREE on 2/18) The Dream Jumper's Promise by Kim Hornsby -
The Dream Jumper’s Promise

by Kim Hornsby

Mystery Suspense Romance Supernatural

A man goes missing off Maui leaving his wife to wonder until her old boyfriend turns up and offers to help solve the mystery, if she’ll let him into her dreams.

Tina Greene can’t accept the presumed surfing death of her new husband, without a recovered body. Months after signing the death certificate, the Maui dive shop owner trades mourning for saving her business from bankruptcy. When Jamey Dunn walks back into Tina’s Lahaina life things take a strange turn. Dreams of her husband, Hank, have her questioning her sanity and leaning heavily on Hank’s best friend, Noble. Jamey is desperate to help Tina but then so is Noble–in a stifling protective way. When Jamey suspects Tina’s eerie dreams hold clues to Hank’s disappearance, he reveals his unbelievable ability to enter dreams. But for Tina, the decision to let Jamey into her subconscious has a price.

As Tina, Noble and Jamey decipher the mystery of Hank’s disappearance, grave danger sets in to reveal one of the three is an imposter, one is flirting with insanity, and one is a liar.

(FREE on 2/18) Conundrum by C. S. Lakin -

by C. S. Lakin

A powerful women’s fiction novel by award-winning author C. S. Lakin

A mysterious death buries painful, shocking secrets for twenty-five years …

A happily married man with three small children decides one day he no longer wants to live. He gives himself leukemia and nine months later is dead.

This is the conundrum Lisa Sitteroff is determined to solve regarding her dead father—the tale her mother, Ruth, told Lisa and her two brothers, Rafferty and Neal, throughout their childhood. But Lisa, now thirty and watching Raff suffer from the ravages of bipolar illness, believes if she can solve this puzzle, she might somehow save her brother. For Raff’s pain is intrinsically tied up with feelings of parental abandonment.

What starts as a noble goal for Lisa soon grows into a vicious family war, wreaking destruction on Lisa’s marriage. Lisa discovers details of her parents’ relationship that her mother has long hidden. Shocking clues appear as Lisa reads a letter her father, Nathan, wrote before he died, prompting her to visit Nathan’s former boss, Ed Hutchinson. From him, Lisa learns that her engineer father helped design a generator run by radioactive materials. Ed lets slip that Nathan participated in a dangerous secret experiment, a fact her mother discounts as Nathan’s cause of death. Accusations and excuses fly. Yet, how much of what Lisa uncovers is true? Is truth solely subjective?

Lisa sifts through layers of lies as she journeys into her father’s story, seeking to understand this man she never knew. Meanwhile, her mother responds in fury and tries to destroy Lisa’s life, determined to keep Lisa from uncovering her dark secrets.

Conundrum explores the rocky landscape of betrayal and truth, asking whether a search for truth is worth the high cost. An intense women’s fiction novel about love, family, and relationship.

(FREE on 2/18) The Grimm Chronicles, Vol. 3 by Ken Brosky -
The Grimm Chronicles, Vol. 3

by Ken Brosky

The award-winning Young Adult adventure series reaches its penultimate volume! This collection contains the following books:

Book 7: The Giant Slayer

Europe: birthplace of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. An unfamiliar land, brimming with its own breed of Corrupted who hide in the shadows, growing more evil with each passing day. For modern-day hero Alice Goodenough, this is more than enough to worry about. But she also has a fencing tournament to think about.

And a promise to keep with Sam Grayle, a Corrupted dwarf who schemes for more and more wealth. When their train breaks down in a small town in eastern Hungary, Alice finds the legacy of the hero is alive and well. Corrupted have visited this town before, and they aren’t quite vanquished just yet. There’s one left, hiding away, biding his time to enact a terrible price on his enemies. A little creature with big, big plans …

Werewolves. Vampires. Giants. Europe is a different place with new dangers, new monsters and new surprises.

Book 8: Darkness Rising

200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm brought their stories to life.

But why? The question has haunted the heroes for two centuries, and no one has come close to the truth. Alice Goodenough will learn the terrible truth. And it will come at a terrible cost.

The fencing tournament is in just a few short days. Alice’s team is hopelessly outmatched, facing off against fencers who have more experience and an inhuman amount of energy. But the other fencers also have a special drug, one that Alice’s team can use to even the playing field. Whether they should take the drug or not threatens to tear the team apart.

Meanwhile, Alice must live up to her agreement with Sam Grayle, who lusts after a hidden treasure that once belonged to the Corrupted. Alice must team up with a group of explorers and delve deep into a forbidden cave that holds more secrets than any of them expected.

Book 9: Malevolence

The Malevolence has been biding its time inside Castle Vontescue, but now Alice must finally confront it. The very same evil force that brought the Grimms’ fairy tales to life now threatens the hero and all she holds dear. No one is safe in the darkness.

But what, exactly, is this centuries-old creature? To find that out, Br’er Rabbit will have to use all of his wits and decode a series of clues before time runs out. Meanwhile, Alice must keep her friends close and fight through her numerous injuries if she hopes to stop the evil.

But nothing is certain. Alice’s body is breaking down. Her loved ones are in constant danger. There is no escape now … soon, she must face off against the ancient evil that lurks within Castle Vontescue.

And there will be blood.

This volume also contains the following extras:

– The lost diary of Abigail Bauer

– An exclusive introduction

… And the

(FREE on 2/18) On The Inside by James Kipling -
On The Inside

by James Kipling

Detective Hazel Hanson is one of the best in her field. Her headstrong and stubborn approach has proven itself in every solved murder case in New York City. But all of that changes when she is given the responsibility of solving the Slitter Case.

Unaware of the true dangers that lie in wait for her, Detective Hanson attempts to find the man responsible for the brutal killings of several women in New York City. The scales begin to tip when FBI agents storm in to assist with the case. Among them is Special Agent Owen Jones, the only person Hazel has ever loved and whose sudden reappearance after five years threatens to jeopardize her sanity.

As she battles with her own inner demons, the case and her life begin to spiral out of control. This young detective is unprepared for the hidden dangers that lie on the other side and unaware that her life now hangs in the balance.


A summary of reader reviews of ‘On the Inside (A Murder Mystery Series of Crime and Suspense Thrillers Book)’:

“…love the female sleuths role…must have for any crime/mystery lover.”

“…wonderful kidnapping crime drama.”

“…the writing is true to formula for mafia thrillers, private detective novels…”

“…assassinations and conspiracies, murder victims and kidnapping combine to make this a novel worthy of staying up late for…great for fans of mafia thrillers and crime fiction new release.”

“…bought this best mystery books 2014 for my boyfriend who is a fan of mafia thrillers…”

“…best mystery books, suspense thriller which is quite different from your typical thriller detective series and political thrillers…a great mafia crime and punishment book with gangsters, kidnapping mystery, a fiction story about organized crime and conspiracies.”

“…a great fictional crime thriller… murder mystery series ….a true crime novel…”

“…riveting mysteries and thrillers kindle free ebook…with murder victims, the mafia, assassinations and conspiracies…web of kidnapping, mystery and murder in this mafia thriller…crime fiction new releases or mafia fiction kindle books.”

“This crime fiction is good mystery books with assassination/conspiracy and crime thriller.”

“…mystery series, crime thrillers and kidnapping book…serial killer, organized crime, murder victims, it’s all in here.”

“…murder mystery best sellers and private investigator series with conman, fraudsters, kidnapping, embezzlement, conspiracies, murder and assassinations…”

(FREE on 2/18) Game Day Appetizers And Super Snacks by June Kessler -
Game Day Appetizers And Super Snacks

by June Kessler

Game Day Super SnacksApptizers and snacks for any occasion

Welcome to my complete guide to Game Day Parties. Many recipes are easy to prepare and also many can be made in advance which will free up your time on the day of the big game.

Delicious Recipes Cookbook Game Day Super Snacks has easy and fun with these easy recipes, you will find recipes for cakes, coffee cakes and quick breads for early games, then move on to a collection of Appetizers such as Mini Cocktail Meat Balls, Coconut-Orange Shrimp, Deviled Eggs to Awesome Fried Pickles, Chicken Wings, Ribs and Turkey legs and Wings, Dips and Salsa and Crock-pot recipes.

˃˃˃ Brunch Recipes

You will find recipes for cakes, coffee cakes and quick breads for early games˃˃˃ Over 100 Appetizers

More than 100 fast, easy and delicious snack recipes to make your next game day a success˃˃˃ Slow-Cooker Recipes

Slow-cook and serve in your crock-potScroll up and grab a copy today.

(FREE on 2/18) The Uncanny Valley: Tales From A Lost Town by Gregory Miller -
The Uncanny Valley: Tales From A Lost Town

by Gregory Miller

The Uncanny Valley…

“…is a macabre serenade to a small town that may or may not exist, peopled with alive and dead denizens who wander about the hills and houses with creepy fluidity. Told by individual inhabitants, the stories recount tales of disappearing dead deer, enchanted gardens, invisible killer dogs, and rattlesnakes that fall from the sky; each contribution adds to a composite portrait that skitters between eerie, ghoulish, and poignant. Miller is a master storyteller, clearly delighting in his mischievous creations.”

Thirty-Three Tales.

Thirty-Three Tellers.

One Lost Town.

(FREE on 2/18) Dog Backwards by Guy A Johnson -
Dog Backwards

by Guy A Johnson

doG Backwards is Guy A Johnson’s debut novel.

‘Really liked! V interesting, gripping and unusual!’ – Sophie Hannah, bestselling author of ‘Little Face’ and ‘Kind of Cruel.’

doG Backwards is the story of six lives that come together through an unimaginable opportunity: to meet with the dead for just one hour.

Michael works in an office and is mourning the loss of his five-year-old daughter, Milly.

Barbara has her own cleaning company and the death of her stepfather, Eric, hangs heavy on her conscience.

Connor is ten and, despite having the love of his aunt and uncle, still misses his mother, who has been dead for over a year.

Liam lives in his big family home all by himself, where he hides from his past and yearns for the return of his mother, father and sister, all of whom are gone for good.

Shelley, friend and lover to Liam, also has her losses, but keeps these a secret from him.

Their reactions are very different. Michael’s is very positive: he simply cannot believe his luck. The others, however, do not react in the same way: Shelley is disgusted, Barbara cannot face making a decision and ten-year-old Connor simply doesn’t understand.

There are further complications. Michael has to consider his estranged wife, Susan: she has not been chosen for the program. Barbara discovers the experience is likely to leave her penniless. Connor has not only lost his mother, but also his father. So he is faced with a dilemma that no ten-year-old boy should ever have to face: which one to choose?

(FREE on 2/18) World War Two: A Very Brief History by Mark Black -
World War Two: A Very Brief History

by Mark Black

Want to learn more about history, but don’t think you have the time? Think again.

World War Two was the most destructive, devastating conflict in world history, with major battles stretching across the world; this was truly a global conflict in every sense. An estimated 17 million soldiers were killed on all sides, with civilian casualties reaching more than double that figure in the Soviet Union and China alone.

The Very Brief History series is intended to give the reader a short, concise account of the most important events in world history. Each book provides the reader with the essential facts concerning a particular event or person; no distractions, just the essential facts, allowing the reader to master the subject in the shortest time possible.

With The Very Brief History series, anyone can become a history expert!

(FREE on 2/18) Um ... Mommy, I Think I Flushed My Brother Down The Toilet by Jeff Rivera -
Um … Mommy, I Think I Flushed My Brother Down The Toilet

by Jeff Rivera

“…where skillful wit and good storytelling come together into one fun-filled read!”
– Jackie Collins

“…deserves a prize for “The Most Imaginative Title of the Year– or Any Year” —
Stan Lee

Welcome to ’Yuck Kingdom’! The streets are made of smelly jelly fellies. The trees are all winding, dinding and finding. And the hills are made of slushy gushy mush. It’s the Kingdom of Yuck and the last place that Falisha Whiskers wants to be in. But Falisha needs to find her brother Jesse.

She didn’t mean to flush Jesse down the toilet… not entirely at least! And now, she needs to find him and take him back home before her daddy gets back or they’re both going to be in heaps of trouble! But the Kingdom of Yuck has more twists and turns than a water slide. Will Falisha find her brother in the twisting streets made of smelly jelly fellies? And will she be able to get him back in time, and all bathed and clean, before their mommy tells their daddy that Falisha flushed her little brother down the toilet?

Teacher Recommended! For ages 4-8. Parents should explain being flushed down the toilet is only pretend.

“A must-have early reader book.” —

More About the Author

Jeff Rivera is an award-winning young adult fiction author and debut children’s book author. A popular inspirational media personality, he has written for Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, School Library Journal and many other national outlets. Jeff Rivera has interviewed such children’s book authors as Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), James Patterson (The Worst Years of My Life) and S.E. Hinton (The Outsiders).

Being the uncle of 12 active nieces and nephews and recalling the childhood antics of his oldest sister and younger brother inspired him to turn his creativity towards writing children’s books. His first children’s book, Um … Mommy, I Think I Flushed My Brother Down The Toilet, marks the adventures of Falisha Whiskers as she sets out to bring back her little brother after accidently (well… mostly accidently) flushing him down the toilet into the Kingdom of Yuck!

Exclusive: A Q&A with Jeff Rivera
Question: You write for many national outlets, you blog, you’re on TV, you talk to kids all over the world and you’re a son and uncle of 12 nieces and nephews. How do you balance all that with your writing?
Rivera: Great question. Sometimes I wonder the same thing but here’s how I look at it: We’re all blessed with 24 hours a day, so if you really want to do something, you can carve the time out to do it. Sometimes when people look at their lives and they think they don’t have the time, they realize that they spend a lot of time watching TV or surfing the web or playing video games or staring up at the ceiling and when you subtract all that time, you realize, “Hey, I have a lot more time than I thought I did.”

Q: You’v

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